Chakan: The Forever Story.

    "I have been a warrior, a 'Warrior Priest' of mighty strength and skill. My tale begins in antiquity, ages pass in a time long lost and forgotten. 'Twas a different world then. I have been steeped in the darkest occult mysticisms and versed in the ways of dealing death, an arrogant vein man. Great power inspires fear, and I inspired fear throughout the world. My name is: Chakan."

    "I was so powerful and proud... So proud that I believed I had no equal, not even Death himself. Then, in my arrogance, I said, 'One day even death himself will bow before my swords...'"

    "Death had been watching me for a time now. The feared people had brought forth and summoned Death. He had approached me on a misty plain, lightening was u…

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